Looking back on it now, it was nice to be at home for three weeks straight unable to get outside because the snow was so bad. I guess it confirms that memories for me are where I store the happy and get rid of the unhappy.

AT THE TIME, HOWEVER, I was going to kill my mom, dad, or brothers. Probably my 15 year old brother who has decided to become the epitome of everything I dislike in humans.

Many people might be under the impression that in Vancouver during the winter there is a lot of snow ALL THE TIME.

It only ever snows on the mountains (if we are lucky) and maybe once a year the clouds will shit out a little white stuff to sprinkle over the grasses like icing on a christmas sugar cookie.

So after a while when it began to snow I scraped the rest of the ice off of my drive way, half of the road leading out of the cul-de-sac and went to find friends.


I also found a really beautiful sweater that I am going to wear every day untill it falls apart. LOOK AT THIS FUCKING FABRIC..

Later that night I went to Lyndsays house. Lyndsays house has been a few friends house in the past and I have basically lived there when coming home. GETTING REALLY FUCKED UP. There is a great collection of art from past and current inhabitants and remnants of old parties three years past.
These are some of the best paintings there:

I think this one got flipped upside down, but whatever.

Look at these drawings too. They were done by a group of people that meet at this place. When I came in that day they were drawing and I pissed my pants.

Lyndsay found this in a dumpster

SO THIS thing is from a show that was held in this house - the big hole to the right you would give a guy who stuck his hand up through the hole money. He would give you beer. The little hole on the left you got free asparagus.


Makes me question why I even bother to try and make shit when a bunch of bags in a bag holder is way more striking than anything i've looked at lately. Maybe when I'm 75 and owe 400,000 dollars on credit cards I can submit this too the Whitney Biennial and become pay it all back and be in lots of art shows after I'm dead.